100% Silicone ADV Premium Sealant

Colour availability: Dark Brown / Bronze, Black, Almond, Gray, White,

The latest in ADVanced silicone technology, Silicone ADV is a low odour, fast cure premium grade sealant. Forms a completely weatherproof and watertight seal, and is an excellent choice for any construction and renovation job. It can withstand large amounts of joint movement and will outlast most any other sealant. Silicone ADV is also the best choice for window glazing, bedding, and beading. Superior adhesion on most common building materials. Silicone ADV also goes where regular silicone and water based sealants can't. Regular silicone has poor adhesion to plastic, especially vinyl, however Silicone ADV exhibits premium adhesion to vinyl, PVC, ABS, & other plastics. Some water based sealants have good adhesion, but in cold weather they stiffen and freeze, making them a poor choice for year round work. Silicone ADV will not freeze, and cures at temperatures far lower than water based sealants. Other solvent based sealants such as thermoplastics may be usable year round, however the smell is very unpleasant, Silicone ADV has a very low odour and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Silicone ADV exhibits excellent adhesion to ceramic, porcelain, and also contains a powerful mildewcide. Silicone ADV is simply the best choice for most any job. 50 year expected lifetime.