High Performance Acrylic (Elastomeric Sealant)

Colour availability: Clear, White, Gray, Almond, Dark Brown / Bronze,

Our best water based sealant, a silicone modified high grade elastomeric sealant, is the ultimate in water based technology. High Performance Acrylic has the ease of latex, and the durability of silicone. Exceptionally flexible, it is ideal for any interior or exterior job, plus high demand jobs where large joint movement occurs, such as expansion and control joints. In fact, it will withstand better than 50% joint movement. With superior adhesion, High Performance Acrylic will adhere to most any interior and exterior surfaces, even damp wood and masonry. Unlike some other sealants, this advanced technology sealant is safer to use, paintable with oil and latex paints, and will clean up easily with water. High performance Acrylic also contains a powerful mildewcide, which allows it to be used outdoors in damp areas, and inside in the kitchen or bath. 50 year expected lifetime.