Gap Stop All Season Extreme Climate Foam

Colour availability: Tan,

Work Zone / Gap Stop All Seasons Extreme Climate Gun Foam is a low expanding foam designed for use with professional foam applicator guns such as the G7, G7LD, & most other foam guns. All Seasons Extreme Climate Gun Foam differs from other foams in that it can be used in a wider range of temperature conditions. While regular foams should only be used between 5°C and 35°C, All Seasons Gun Foam may be used from -10°C to 50°C. This is accomplished through subtle changes to the foam chemistry that gives the foam a better capability of using the very small ambient moisture levels in the air at low temperatures, especially below freezing. Also, the All Seasons Extreme Climate Gun Foam uses a specially blended hydrocarbon propellant that is more energetic at low temperatures, thus providing a better dispensing pressure and flow rate even below zero when other foams flow quite slowly. It is an aerosol driven one component, moisture curing polyurethane material, which cures to a closed cell, semi-rigid foam with high cellularity for excellent insulation against heating and cooling loss, and exhibits enough elongation and flexibility to ensure an excellent and permanent seal. Its adhesive properties are excellent to ensure that it will stay in place, and not release from the surfaces to be sealed. The cured foam blocks out drafts, dirt, water, and is insoluble, rot proof, vermin resistant, non-toxic, and will not absorb water. The can dispensing valve has been specially designed to allow accurate control from maximum flow for filling, to minimum flow for caulking type beads.

Basic Use: Recommended for use by professional users on any foam application. May be used around window and door frames, however for best results around windows & doors, Work Zone / Gap Stop Window & Door Foam is recommended unless the application temperatures require the use of All Seasons Extreme Climate Foam.