Gap Stop Window & Door Foam

Work Zone / Gap Stop Window & Door Foam Sealant is a high yield foam that expands with low pressure and may be used for filling, sealing, and insulating. The unique chemistry of this product is distinctly different from standard foams. This low-pressure foam is actually self-venting which means that once it fills the void, the trapped CO2 simply leaves the product, unlike conventional expanding foams that may continue to expand and apply pressure against the substrate. This is ideal for sensitive areas like around window and door frames where the gap can be sealed without bowing the frame, even if the area is overfilled with foam. In fact, It is an aerosol driven one component, moisture curing polyurethane material, which cures to a closed cell, semi-rigid foam with high cellularity for excellent insulation against heating and cooling loss, and exhibits enough elongation and flexibility to ensure an excellent and permanent seal. Its adhesive properties are excellent to ensure that it will stay in place, and not release from the surfaces to be sealed. The cured foam blocks out drafts, dirt, water, and is insoluble, rot proof, vermin resistant, non-toxic, and will not absorb water. The can dispensing valve has been specially designed to allow accurate control from maximum flow for filling, to minimum flow for caulking type beads.

Basic Use: Highly recommended to fill gaps and spaces around windows & doors both in new construction and replacement windows & doors. Although specifically engineered for use around windows & doors, it is not limited to these applications, and may be used in most any application where standard foams are used. Work Zone / Gap Stop Window & Door Foam is coloured blue for easy visual confirmation that certified window & door foam has been used. This product outperforms fiberglass and regular foams when used around windows & doors, and guarantees the best possible performance in these applications.