High Temperature Silicone Sealant

Colour availability: Red, Black,

Work Zone High Temperature Silicone Sealant is a heat resistant, multi purpose single component, RTV silicone rubber sealant designed for use in applications which are exposed to higher temperatures on an intermittent or continuous basis. This silicone is formulated to perform at temperatures ranging from -65°C to 260°C (-85° to 500°F) for continuous operation, and to 316°C (600°F) for intermittent exposure. It can be used for numerous sealing and bonding applications. It is long lasting, and forms a weatherproof & watertight seal, which remains permanently flexible, and will not shrink, crack, crumble or dry out. The sealant has good resistance to weathering, vibration, moisture, ozone and extreme temperatures. It may be applied in subzero weather without loss of extrusion or physical property characteristics and is effective from -62°C to 204°C. It is easy to apply, finger smoothable, and non-flammable.

Basic Use: The high temperature properties of this sealant make it ideally suited for use on chimneys and fireplaces where the temperature does not exceed 500°F on a continuous basis, on engines or other applications as a temporary or permanent gasket material, sealing and encapsulating heating elements in appliances, aerospace gasketing, moving oven belts, industrial ovens, bag filters on smoke stacks, and more. Use it on any application for critical bonding, sealing, potting, encapsulating and protective coatings where parts must perform at high temperatures.