Thermoplastic Sealant

Colour availability: Clear, White, Gray / Dover Gray, Almond, Brown (Chestnut / Chocolate), Black, Commercial Brown / Bronze, Pearl Gray, Ivory, Sandalwood, Canyon Clay / Prestige Beige,

Work Zone Thermoplastic Sealant is an exterior multi-purpose thermoplastic solvent based sealant designed to seal joints, cracks, and adjacent surfaces on exterior applications. It is long lasting, and forms a weatherproof & watertight seal that exhibits good long-term flexibility. The cured sealant has excellent resistance to weathering, ultra-violet rays, and extreme temperatures. Unlike many other solvent based sealants, it will not bleed onto adjacent surfaces, and forms a smooth non-tacky skin which will not pick up dirt or dust. It is easy to apply, finger smoothable, and skins quickly while allowing for a good working time. It is paintable with latex paint after 24 hours.

Basic Use: Recommended to seal outdoor joints, cracks, and surfaces around windows, doors, siding, gutters, vents, and more. Also use it for standard and metal roofing applications, flashing, and more. Adheres to most common surfaces, including unpainted or painted aluminum, clean metal, vinyl siding or windows, concrete, masonry, glass, fiberglass, painted or stained wood and other painted surfaces, and more.